Slippin' Out

Written by Doug Goodman. October/November, 2009.

He's always had a different view
Seeking only the wiser
Questioning and wondering
What he's missed all these years

Inner circles and outer camps
He's never been a joiner
Seeking only to find the truth
Always more to find out

He sees the world in a certain way
Maybe nature, maybe nurture
Blacks and whites and shades of grey
Something more to find out

Secretly he slips away
So no one is the wiser
Slipping out between the seams
He hits the road to find out

No fear, no doubt, he takes a step
Ignores the threat of perdition
There's only more that lies ahead
On the road to find out

He passes by the usual stops
And leaves behind tradition
With open mind and open heart
On the road to find out