Written by Doug Goodman. January 6, 2010.

Rise up early in the morning
Long before the break of dawn
Drive to the point of departure
Hats, gloves and warm clothes on

Greeted by our companions
(We) always welcome them along
Speaking a magical language
Guidance and wisdom in their song

Promise of a new day
A brand new day

Climbing, gradual and steady
A sojourn on holy ground
On a path that is familiar
(We) already know where we are bound

Looking out on the City
Long before it makes a sound
This is the church of a seeker
It’s where a seeker can be found


Rising up, in the east
Shining on everything below
More than light, more than heat
Feel the life start to flow

Shine on me, shine on me
On every hill and valley
Shine on me, shine on me
Make me bright as I can be