Written by Doug Goodman

Knockin', knockin' at your door
I'm knockin', knockin' at your door
Can you hear me, can you hear me
I'm knockin', knockin' at your door
In the days of old, B.C., I cast a shadow
of what will be. I gave you symbols
and signs of how to judge the times
There were prophets and kings,
many miraculous things to see.
What once was made of cloth is now
your body and flesh, the Holy of
Holies within. The house of God is
surely being rebuilt, not built with
hands; stone upon stone, fitted
together, stone upon stone it's a
building not built with hands!
I set you free from the law of sin
and death, I set you free can't you
see. Can you hear me, hear me...
Can you hear me, I'm knockin'
I'm knockin', I'm knockin at your door