Quite Unique

Written by Doug Goodman. May 1, 1998

Driving down a desert road, I see the heat waves rise
Blurry scenery that lies beyond, right before my eyes

Never quite within my reach
Forever beckoning to me

Stopping by the roadside, I see a snake slither by
Looking up, he says, "Hey MAN, can you tell me why

I'm stuck here, got no legs, no feet
And you should see my waist enlarge when I eat."

In a flash, across the sand, a lizard comes to join in
"Before you say a word," says the snake, "get down and give me ten."

Before the snake could count to three
Ten pushups were finished easily

The lizard, holding his head up high, looks up at me,
"Hey MAN, can you tell me why ...solve this mystery?

Whenever I panic, without fail,
I always, always lose my tail."

A vulture circling high above comes to join the group
"I didn't know about the meeting here. Am I out of the loop?

Hey snake, hey lizard, how do you feel?
Don't panic, I'm not looking for a meal."

The scraggly vulture and legless snake, and tailless lizard too
Waiting for a statement I'd make, to give them some kind of clue

As to why they're made the way they're made
And why they do the things that they do.

Looking down that road again, heat waves rising still
The questions paint a familiar scene, like the distant hill

That's unclear, never within my reach
Forever beckoning to me

Hesitating, then I start to speak, pointing toward the view,
"Ya see, it isn't always clear, but nonetheless it's true;

We're all made, all made quite unique
Suited for the purpose, so to speak.