Written by Doug Goodman. January 31, 2008.

He sits on the couch, turns on the TV
Controlling his world by remote
His goal is to win MVP of the game
By casting the only vote

He thinks he's provided for all of her needs
A nice home and money to spare
A new car, a pool and a pedigreed pup
Perhap's he'll be "Man of the Year", "Man of the Year"!

It's sunny & bright at the fashion boutique
Her heart and her card in her hand
Pedicure, make-over, maybe new rags
Bury her head in the sand

She thinks the new makeup and wearing new clothes
Will make guys stop and stare
While hubby's at home, she'll buy all that she needs
To deal with her inner despair, does he even care?

The game is now over, it's time for the toys
The oil in the bike needs a change
He sees that the buggy could use a good wash
Not seeing or thinking it strange

No thought of his wife, or meeting her needs
While he's home meeting his own
Each in their own individual ways
Meeting their needs on their own, all alone

It's cold and dark before the sunrise
Only her heart in her hand
Alone on the platform awaiting the train
To take her to some other land

She thinks things will change if she starts a new life
And finds a new man who will care
Who sees it takes more than material things
To deal with her inner despair........just care

The moral, of course, from a story so sad
Is there's more to this life than it seems
The biggest things aren't always things we can see
At the store or on the TV

They lie deep inside us, where our spirits abide
They're bigger and far more extreme
Matters of love and matters of heart
are deeper, deeper than they seem...deep and unseen.......